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Select one business model from my business portfolio below that best fit your needs, goals, dreams, and aspirations. 

Your ability to say "I can do this" is your key and the motivation that propells you forward.  This is very important.

When you can say "I can do this", that's when it begins, that's when you can wrap your mind around the model; take ownership, and make it your project.

What follows is the extent, range of view, outlook, application, operation and effectiveness
of the market we serve.

Consider these facts at this writing June 2014.WASHINGTON (CBSDC/AP)—Despite the unemployment rate plummeting, more than 92 million Americans remain out of the labor force.

The unemployment rate dropped to 6.3 % in April (2014) from 6.7 % in March, the lowest it has been since September 2008 when it was 6.1 %.  The sharp drop, though, occurred because the number of people working or seeking work fell.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not count people not looking for a job as unemployed.

The bureau noted that the civilian labor force dropped by 806,000 in April 2014, following an increase of 503,000 in March 2014.

The amount (not seasonally adjusted) of Americans out of the labor force in April 2014 rose to 92,594,000, almost one million more than the previous month.  In March 2014, 91,630,000 Americans were out of the labor force, which includes an aging population that is continuing to head into retirement.

WASHINGTON May 20, 2014 –  Nearly 10 million Americans remain financially trapped by homes worth less than their mortgage debts — an enduring drag on the U.S. economy almost seven years after the housing bust triggered the Great Recession.


During the first three months of this year 2014, 18.8 % of home owners with a mortgage, 9.7 million, owed more on their loans than their properties would sell for, according to online real estate database Zillow.  Though that was an improvement from the 25.4 percent figure of a year ago, the share of such 'underwater' home owners is about four times the historic average.

An additional 18.1 percent of mortgage holders were 'effectively' underwater; they had equity, but the proceeds from selling their home would be too low to recoup the sales costs and also put a down payment on a new property.

The consequence is that few Americans are putting their homes on the market, thereby limiting the economic growth made possible by sales.  Because of the shortage of homes being listed, bidding wars have inflated prices in parts of the country to levels that squeeze out many first-time and middle class buyers

Your neighbor, friend, colleague, or one of your family members could be one of these home owners and a job seeker. 

If the above statis horrify you, then using one of my business models is a viable wayto help them get what they want; you will get what you deserve.

Lets digress. 

is a convenient and cost effective way, to access all your academic, personal, professional, and business development.

Since traditional education is too expensive, and not easily accessible, webucation has emerged as "Online Training" and creates a flexible, selective, targeted method of learning.  Since this is via the World Wide Web (WWW), it's Webucation.

The companies I choose as my partners, deliver webucation, utilizing software applications that support the skills and techniques for academic, personal, professional, and business development for online, and off line business operations.

Social Network Marketing (SNM) plays such an integral part in the success of online and offline business today, that tutorial instruction, training, planning, and implementing strategies are included in all of these programs.


Definition: Choice (Dictionary.com)

Choice [chois] Show IPA noun, adjective, choic·er, choic·est.  Noun.
1. An act or instance of choosing;
2. The right, power, or opportunity to choose;
3. The person or thing chosen or eligible to be chosen;
4. An alternative: There is another choice.
5. An abundance or variety from which to choose: a wide choice of candidates.

You are here now, at this very moment, all because of all the choices you've made up to this point and time in your life.  This choice is inclusive of the free will the Grand Architect of the Universe bestowed in each human being.

I believe in choices.  It is the reason why I provide these vehicles for you to choose from.  My suggestion; peruse all diligently, choose and join the one that best fits your passion, then use the one you choose as the vehicle to reach your dreams.  I choose them because they are easy to operate by a single person, very reasonable initial and operational costs, each of them offers phenomenal support, and income potential is unlimited.  You will discover that you are in business for your self; however, not by yourself.

Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Small businesses are usually family- and privately-owned establishments with a limited number of employees.  Starting a small business is a form of entrepreneurship.  It is like turning a 'problem' into a 'profit' or a 'need' into a 'demand'.  It is also fun for the entire family, especially when everyone in your family supports you and contributes to a viable business.

Home-Based Businesses
A home business is any small business that operates from a house, instead of a commercial office.  The cottage industry is another name for Home business.


Definition: Viable (Dictionary.com)
vi·a·ble: [vahy-uh-buhl] Show IPA adjective
1. capable of living.
2. Physiology.  a. physically fitted to live.  
b.  (of a fetus) having reached such a stage of development as to be capable of living, under normal conditions, outside the uterus.
3. Botany. able to live and grow. Vivid, real, stimulating, as to the intellect, imagination, or senses:
4. practicable; workable: a viable alternative.

Here is an excerpt from "The New Entrepreneurs".  Authors Rene Reid, and Mark Yarnell.

Dr. Charles King is one of the most notable authorities on network marketing since 1991. Dr. King a PHD from Harvard is a professor of marketing at the  University of Illinois at Chicago.  

Dr. King's opinion of direct marketing-network  marketing was like many other cynical scholars, pessimistic and suspicious to say the least.  It's no doubt; to become a professor requires your ability to think non-subjectively and to research unexploited methodologies.  This led Dr. King to investigate the underworld of the network marketing industry.

Dr. Charles King was instrumental in the founding of the first Network Marketing certificate Seminar at the university of Illinois in Chicago; there, Network Marketing is taught at the college level, undergraduate level, graduate program, and a specific seminar that teaches practitioners

in the network marketing direct selling industry.


This is the Forward written by Dr. Charles King.

"As we turn the corner of a new millennium, a new role model is emerging for the business world.  Replacing the acclaimed  corporate executive of the 20th Century will be the entrepreneur of the 21st Century."

"In fact, it is predicted that, with the advancement of technology and the World Wide Web, entrepreneurialism will surface as "the defining trend of the business world in this next century."  This conclusion is not only my own but one reached from a survey of leading Americans, commissioned by Ernst & Young."

"Clearly, a new breed of professionals is emerging - professionals who are no longer satisfied with the old social mores and work ethics so prevalent at the close of the 20th Century.  These professionals are putting aside their corporate ladders and replacing them with a vision that they can create a balanced work environment that offers personal growth and fulfillment, financial rewards in keeping with how they value themselves, the chance to share their wealth, and the freedom to enjoy life."

"Not only employees but employers are candidates for this new form of capitalism, tired of too many sacrifices at too great a personal cost.  These entrepreneurs will become the leading economic drivers, so much so, that the 21st Century becomes the Entrepreneurial Age, as everyone expects it to become."

"The profession most likely to advance this Entrepreneurial Age is network marketing; an industry embodying ten million Americans, and more than three times that many people worldwide.  In fact, it's the fastest growing industry in the world."

"This is largely because it offers a viable alternative to those who've been laid off in the corporate world; or, perhaps still there, feeling trapped in jobs they despise.  And success in this industry doesn't demand a degree from Harvard or MIT.  It's for people who like people and enjoy serving and supporting others, for people who want to own their own life but still be given the chance to "shoot the moon financially."



"Maybe you are among those who consider network marketing to be a Ponzi scheme.  Charles Ponzi was a slick, very well-dressed Bostonian who, about 1920, promised investors extremely high returns on with the money derived from later investors, and that encouraged lots of their friends to join in, until one day, they all realized that Charles's plan could only work as long as new investors kept coming on board."

"Ever since then, a good many fast talkers have tried their own Ponzi schemes.  Relying on the propensity of some to look for a fast, easy buck, they do pretty well, for a time, until their Ponzi plan collapses and they're hauled into court.  There, a district attorney-type tells a jury how it all works.   The DA shows them a chart that looks very much like a pyramid, with the Ponzi schemer on top and a bunch of very disenchanted people at the bottom."



"Network marketing is not a Ponzi scheme.  In fact, it is not a scheme at all.  It bears one strong resemblance to a pyramid, and that is its compensation plan.  It's a legitimate way of selling all kinds of products and services, from shampoo to vitamins to telephone and Internet services."

"Most of us do this all the time, without thinking much about what we're doing-and never dreaming we might get paid for it.  For example, we see a good movie, and we tell our friends not to miss it.  They go see it and tell their friends. And so on".  But no one gets paid for doing that.  In network marketing, we tell our friends.   And we get  friends.  If someone were to draw up a chart, it would look very much like a pyramid.  But then, a lot of things look like pyramids.   The truth is we all live in a pyramid of one sort or another.  A family tree is a pyramid.  The US government is a pyramid.   General Motors is a pyramid.  So is the Roman Catholic Church."

"Take a look at the Great Seal of the United States.  Where can you  find one?  It's on the back of every US dollar bill ever printed.  We probably touch the Great Seal every day without ever thinking about it.  If we take time to look at it, we see an unfinished pyramid, with an eye in a triangle, surrounded by rays of glory.  Over the eye, we see the words, "Annuit Coeptis." At the base of the pyramid, we read, "Novus Ordo Seclorum."

"As those on the dollar bills design committee explained back in 1782, that pyramid signifies strength and duration.  The eye over it and the mottoes above and below it allude to the many signal interventions of Providence that favor the American cause.  In other words, our nation's Great Seal expresses the belief that Providence favors our undertakings in a New World Order."

"This new world (is) built on a principle of democracy.  While structured within the frame work of a pyramid, Thomas Jefferson and our Founding Fathers envisioned it as a world where all men (are) created equal."



"Fast forward now to modern times.  And what do we see?  The American Dream of our forefathers has become a nightmare for all too many workers.  More and more people are realizing that Monday is an awful way to spend one seventh of their life. They hate the very thought of going to work."

"And those who keep track of such things tell us more suicides are committed on Monday morning before nine o'clock than at any other time of the week.  Today's workers can hardly wait for Friday to roll around, and have even developed their own special cheer (and a chain of bar-restaurants) to mark it: TGIF! Thank God, It's Friday!"

"Emerging to offer an alternative way to make a living, and live, is network marketing.  The difference between a corporate and a network marketing pyramid is simple and straight forward. 

In a multi-level marketing pyramid, individuals start out at the top as the president and CEO of their fashion from the top down, looking first for their vice-presidents who make up the "front line" of their corporation. 

The twist to this approach is that, for those who are so inclined, although they may be in front line position to their sponsor, they can, in turn, set themselves up as the CEO of their own business.  And that process duplicates again and again."

"In network marketing, we once again bring democracy to the workplace.  We are in charge of our own lives.  No one tells us what to do.  We don't have a job in the traditional sense of the word.  We don't commute to work.  We don't race out of the house to catch the 7:15 to Grand Central Station, or fight the freeways in a car pool.  We conduct  our business from home."


Back on Point.

My Business Portfolio

When you are willing help enough people get what they want and need, the rewards will come back to you ten-fold.  You get what you desreve.

My business models provides unique and lucrative income opportunities.

They have access to the highest quality, cutting edge tools, training and support systems available to help build a successful, thriving business, exponentially.

The mission is providing vehicles that sustain financial freedom for millions of people, creating a record number of six figure income earners in the home-based business industry!

Today's economy, with ever increasing financial crises, benefits most when giving back to the home business industry and offer a financial solution that promotes paying forward.

Therefore, we reach out to the masses to help empower as many people as we can to make a difference in their lives and their families.

MatchRate Plus

MatchRate PLUS markets a patent-pending service called "Merchant Partner" to businesses who currently accept credit cards in the electronic payments industry with a  merchant account. 

MatchRate PLUS offers this exclusive service through a nationwide network of referral agents.  The referral agents earn a lifetime monthly residual income for every account the referral agents refer to MatchRate Plus.

With the "MatchRate PLUS Merchant Partner" service, business owners turn their own merchant account into a new source of revenue.

Registering as "Referral Agent" with MatchRate PLUS is free.  (Use Promo code 3800)

What Referral Agents Offer Businesses?
MatchRate PLUS has created a new and patent pending program.   With MatchRate PLUS, a merchant becomes the referral agent  on their own merchant account and receives a monthly rebate equal to 25% of the commission generated to MatchRate PLUS by their merchant account - for the life of their account.

How to Become a Referral Agent?
It's 100% free to become a MatchRate PLUS referral agent  and takes just minutes to register online. (Use Promo code 3800)

As a referral agent, you submit merchant account prospects that are interested in MatchRate PLUS.  For each prospect you submit who that become an "activated" MatchRate PLUS account, you receive a one-time acquisition bonus, plus a monthly residual commission for the life of the account.


Priceless Possibilities
Priceless Possibilities began in 1996 as a training company focusing on helping small businesses  increase sales.  Michael Price, a former "Sales Rep of the Year" for a Major Division of a Fortune 100 Company founded the company.  Michael was also a paid trainer for Tony Robbins Company.

In 1999, Priceless Possibilities began to offer marketing solutions through online services and has serviced over 151,213 small businesses to date March 2011.

Using turn-key state of the art technology and proven marketing practices, Priceless Possibilities helps small business to create their own results.

Priceless Possibilities provide businesses with automated marketing systems that increase their sales while reducing their expenses with 3 Services.

The Instant Sales System for traditional businesses.
The Social Media List Builder for businesses using Social Media Websites, and The Viral Prospector System for Home Based Businesses.

Priceless Possibilities offer businesses an AUTOMATED System unlike any other.  The foundation of what they do, meets the #1 NEED for most businesses which is to build a Larger List of Prospects and Customers.

They do this by providing businesses a way to automatically capture the contact information of their prospects and customers.  Then automatically send their marketing messages to their list throughout the year.

More eyes on your business' marketing messages more often will equal more Sales.  GUARANTEED!  This increased exposure for a business will increase their sales.

Business owners know that more exposure to their business yields more sales, that's why most businesses spend so much on placing continuous print advertisements.

The main difference here is that Priceless Possibilities services, cost a fraction of all other forms of advertising, plus it is way more effective and yields much better results!

The System automatically helps your business build a large list of prospects and customers, Improves your relationship with your list, and increases exposure to your List so your business makes More Sales.

Priceless Possibilities' systems work for any type of business. whether they are a Real Estate Agent, a Restaurant, a Non Profit Organization or a home based business.

All businesses need a bigger list of prospects and customers, and a better way to automatically stay in contact with that list which is exactly what Priceless Possibilities provide.

Additionally, included are a host of powerful marketing features, at no additional cost to you, that helps you increase your sales and reduce your marketing expenses as well.

I am a Social entrepreneur, edifying others in successful principles that change their lives through developing their own businesses.  I am courageous, excellent, honest, kind, truthful man, who loves unconditionally.

My paradigm: The Power and opportunity of choosing, establishing and building relationships, assisting you in increasing your personal wealth with integrity now, creating a world where everyone moves forward together.

My Vision: Networks of Independent Business Owners, who through their own efforts, create and establish their own businesses, becoming financially secure, financially independent, enjoying financial freedom, living life on their terms; ultimately enriching the lives of others, contributing to charity, creating a world with everyone moving forward.


Al Lashley.  Lovingly Divine.
Think Globally.  Dream Universally.


Tools of the Business

All businesses need a bigger list of prospects, customers, and a better way to Automatically stay in contact with that list.

Your list is the engine of your business.


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